Frequently Asked Questions

When is Special Friends Camp 2021?

Pre-camp Training will begin the evening of July 9th thru the morning of July 12th. Week one (at Camp Carson) will be July 12th thru July 16th. And week two (at Camp Linden) will be July 19th thru 23rd with staff arriving at camp on Sunday, July 18th for set-up.

I have previous experience with special needs. Do I have to attend the pre-camp training weekend?

Yes! Pre-camp training weekend also includes team building exercises as well as training specific to Special Friends Camp's policies and procedures so attendance is crucial for everyone.

How do I get to and from the campgrounds?

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Special Friends Camp. Once you arrive on the campground, you will not be permitted to leave until the camp week has concluded and you have been dismissed. Many of our staff choose to carpool.

I know someone interested in attending camp as a camper. How do I get an application?

You can download a camper application by going to

I have submitted an application to be a counselor at Special Friends Camp. Now what?

You should have received an email saying that your application was submitted successfully. We will review it and then you will be contacted by the Staff Director for an interview. We will not begin interviews for new counselors until after May 1st, 2021. While we are already accepting new applications for counselors for Special Friends Camp 2021, you will not be contacted about the next steps until May. If you have any questions before then, please contact Jenni Anderson at