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Welcome to Special Friends Camp, and The Mind of Manderson

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Hello to all who love Special Friends Camp!! I’m grateful you are here. To most people who know me, I am Mark Anderson, the President/Treasurer for Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes. I came to TBAH nearly 30 years ago and served as the Director of the group home ministry to adults with exceptional needs for 27 of those years. I was elected President/Treasurer in January of 2016.

To most of you who are reading this blog, however, I am Manderson, the Executive Director of Special Friends Camp since 1996. I used to be just plain ole Mark until several years ago when the newfangled email came on the scene. Our email addresses were assigned using the format of first name initial + last name. Thus, Mark Anderson’s email address was "manderson." It wasn’t until a few years later, though, that the name “Manderson” was coined for me. I wear the moniker proudly now. I even welcome the occasional placement of “the” in front of it.

I am embarking on a journey over the coming months and I want you to join me. It will be a little challenging and, hopefully, rewarding. It is the journey into the Mind of Manderson. I will be bringing brief messages to you through this blog that I hope will help you understand why I love SFC so much and why I believe it is a life-changing ministry.

Maybe you’ll find some humor. Maybe you’ll find some food for thought. Maybe you’ll even find some inspiration. I don’t have a definite plan, but I hope you will come back from time to time to see what might be spilling out of the Mind of Manderson. It is my desire to see these pages help us build community and to stay connected throughout the year.

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2018. dec. 21.

How am I just finding this Manderson?!

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