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What does THANKFUL mean?

I do not know how many people still use a Webster’s Dictionary. I keep one by my desk and refer to it often. It helps me with spelling and/or to tease out my thoughts. So, as I thought about this season of Thanksgiving, I asked Miriam Webster to help me understand, “What does thankful mean?” This was her answer:

The following words became part of a song entitled “Gratitude” that I wrote several years ago. The song was a response to a revelation and realization that my gratitude requires BOTH parts of the Webster definition. It’s not enough to only be conscious of a benefit I have received. That consciousness must also be expressed. Only then am I truly thankful.

This will be my prayer each day.

“May I find the words and ways to say

I know I did not get here on my own.

May I live thankfully and always have the eyes to see

The gifts of love that God has freely shown.

May my gratitude be known.”

I am a blessed man and a better person for having had the opportunity to lead SFC for nearly 20 years now. As the leader and the “front man” for camp, I am often the one who receives accolades and praise for the wonderful ministry that is done at SFC. However, I am conscious that SFC would not happen without the unwavering commitment the Counselors and Activity Leaders make to SFC every year. Your generosity of spirit and your tenacious energy not only fuel SFC, they help to keep me young.

So, to all of you who have demonstrated God’s love by giving of yourselves at SFC, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the heart of camp.

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